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At DZI, people are our most valuable resource which is why we establish and enforce an overall construction safety program that promotes the safety and health of each person entering the job site. 

Our commitment to safety includes:

  • Implementing an effective Safety and Health program

  • Support from all levels of management

  • Allocating resources to Safety and Health Programs

  • Impletmenting effective orientation and training programs

  • Enforcing all employees to follow the Safety and Health Program

  • Developing site-specific safety programs

  • Establishing effective protocol for hazard identification, correction and control

  • Implementing weekly onsite safety meetings

  • Meeting or exceeding OSHA requirements for safety on the job site, almost every DZI Superintendent is OSHA 30 certified

Safety is the most critical aspect of each DZI project and the ultimate goal of our safety program is to ensure each person on the job site is accident and injury free. DZI integrates safety philosophies and requirements throughout all aspects of the design, bidding and construction phases.

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